News Update 2

Hey, Everybody!

We have a lot of news to share with you guys and some pretty big announcements.

To start off,

The Energy Bears sponsorship/affiliate program has now changed. Anybody (mostly) can become an affiliate by filling out this application. However, to become an official sponsor where you are listed under partners on the home page, you will have to either reach fifty orders placed with your code as an affiliate, or reach out to us via email to see if you qualify at Being an official sponsor includes more benefits such as an increased discount code, easier access to merch, a place on the front page, and more. If you already are an affiliate and would like to become a sponsor, feel free to shoot us an email at

Also, before we get into the big announcements, we have delayed the launch of apparel because we are trying to get the lowest possible cost for our fans. We are currently still talking with many apparel print shops.

Now that that is out-of-the-way, onto some more updates. As a result of reaching 500 followers on Twitter, we will be hosting an Infinite Warfare giveaway. You can enter the giveaway here.

We are also excited to announce that we will be starting our very own eSports team. The first team will be a Rocket League PC team. If you’re interested in becoming apart of this team or being on the staff team, please send an email to

Last but not least is most likely our biggest announcement. In about a month or two months, we will be selling Energy Bears in tubs (GFUEL-like tubs) in addition to the packets we sell them in already. More info on this to come. Thanks to CEO of the Aporia eSports team, @AporiaOddity for this idea.

Thanks, everybody!

-Bradley (CEO of RMG and User Plex)

News Update 2

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