Welcome to EnergyBears.GG. Energy Bears are caffeinated gummy bears designed to give you delicious clean energy without the crash.

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What are Energy Bears?

Energy Bears are caffeinated gummy bears designed to help gamer’s play better and get more energy without compromising taste.

Are Energy Bears good for you?

Yes, instead of pumping chemicals into yourself- like drinking Red Bull or Monster, Energy Bears are made of all natural vitamins to ensure healthiness.

How long does shipping take?

Shipping in the U.S will normally take 2-5 days depending on your location. International Ordrs 5-21+ days depending on your Country and Customs. (We are not ressponsible for Lost or Stolen packages, International Orders do not come with tracking unless it is available for your country)If you have any Questions Regarding your order please email support@EnergyBears.gg.

Can you be sponsored by Energy Bears?

Yes, to find out about sponsorship’s, please head on over to our Sponsorship page.

Will there be more flavors added?

Yes, we plan to add more flavors as Energy Bears grows.